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Should I Go for a Traditional Burial?

Published: May 1, 2023
by Weeks' Funeral Homes

A traditional burial is an ancient method of disposing of a body underneath the soil. The bodies are sometimes placed in containers to prevent them from environmental factors. Do you need Ideas for a traditional burial? Funeral homes in Bonney Lake, WA, have a lot for you.

A traditional burial is the most available burial method today. It doesn't require as much technology or facilities, so you can easily get service around you.

One positive attribute that traditional burials have is that religions agree with them. It is widely accepted across customs, making it a choice no one rejects.

Some opinions say traditional burials because it is safer for the environment. Others say there are safer methods to bury a body. Cremation, for example, reduces a body to a safer substance; however, it releases greenhouse gases during the process. There are different opinions on what method is the greenest. However, anyone would agree that a traditional burial is safe (especially if you skip embalming).

Traditional Burials are not as regulated as other forms of burials. Native laws allow burials without a casket or burial vault. It also allows burials on private properties. The law permits you to take care of a body until you bury it in the desired location as long as you have the land owner's permission. However, it will be more convenient for you to hire hands for the whole process.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Traditional Burial

  • Chose a Cemetery. Cemetery owners have regulations on their properties. They operate with restrictions and requirements, some of which you may not find favorable. It would help if you found a service provider whose service you appreciate.
  • You have to consider the cemetery's location as well. Relatives must cover long distances to visit.
  • Calculate the Costs of the Project. A traditional burial is the most expensive burial method in most cases. Additional services affect the final figures on the price tag, but you should be prepared to spend more on average.
  • Discuss With Your Family. Planning a burial is not something you should do alone. Talk with your relatives and be sure the consensus is a traditional burial. Put your dead relative's will into consideration as well.
  • Consider Rites and Traditions. A traditional burial is a very popular choice. Some rites or traditions hold at a graveside during a traditional burial. You might choose to prepare for them or skip them.
  • Plan the Order of the Events. You can hold a funeral service before the burial, hold a memorial service afterward or do both. More events mean more expenses, and delaying the funeral service will delay the burial.

Do you want to save money? Hold an immediate burial and then a memorial service afterward. You don't have to spend on embalming or service before the burial.

You should go for a traditional burial if you can prepare all its necessities. A funeral home will help you prepare for the burial and funeral service. Start your preparations with funeral homes in Bonney Lake, WA.

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